Photo by the amazing  Jessica Louise , shirt designed by Jessica Louise and  Jeffery Page.  Go check them out.... we loooove them.

Photo by the amazing Jessica Louise, shirt designed by Jessica Louise and Jeffery Page. Go check them out.... we loooove them.


Duality is the major theme of Kristen Ferrell’s work. The conflicting imagery of beauty vs. grotesque; innocence and rage; id vs. superego. Being raised in a quiet, God-fearing Kansas home, and being plagued with constant violent rebellious tendencies forced her to express internal conflicts through artistic outlets. Influenced by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Goya, and Hieronymus Bosch, she voices her confusion with human behavior through classical symbolism, but in modern terms. Using the classical meaning behind the objects and animals represented in her work, she relays her reactions and observations to subjects such as self-betrayal, who we are vs. who we wish to be, and the madness that presents itself when dealing with others.  Basically- trying to stay sane while existing as a human with other humans.

Kristen received a BFA with the primary study being Intaglio Printmaking from the University of Kansas in 2002. She began exhibiting nationally her senior year of college, and has since been showing her work all over the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Though Kristen hates the beach, ocean, sun, sand and swimming pools- for unknown reasons she currently resides in Southern California. She can usually be found in her pajamas at home covered in paint with her husband, 20 year old son, 2 silly cats and 3 darling Chiweenies (it's a kind of dog- check 'em out at Chiweenie Army).  In addition to her artwork and gallery shows, she is the sole owner and operator of Kristen Ferrell Clothing & Accessories- a clothing line based on her artwork and illustrations, and just introduced an occult dog clothing line with her husband, Brad Logan, called HellHounds.  If it weren't for the warm and loving support of coffee, she would not be able to balance the stresses of being a mom, gallery deadlines, and running a clothing line.  Thank you, coffee.  


2000 - Hollander Family Foundation Award

2000- Charlotte & George L. Kreeck Award

2001 - Daniel MacMorris Award

2002- Hollander Family Foundation Grant