3am Exhibit at Hudson Hughes Gallery and other stuffs...

I'm so crappy about keeping up with my posts on here!  Sorry about that- the days just go by so fast!!  There's a LOT of stuff going on, so let's get started with the updating...

RIGHT NOW the Hudson Hughes Gallery has opened their "3am" exhibit.  3am is thought to be the time of day where all things "occulty" that bump in the night get extra frisky.  My piece, as well as OODLES of other amazing pieces are for sale right now.  Click the link and take a peek!

NEXT!  I'm currently working on pieces for the upcoming Halloween Copycat Violence online auction.  It will open Friday, October 13th at 4pm PST on the Copycat Violence facebook page (link above).  If you aren't already familiar with Copycat Violence, they are the amazing art collective I am honored to be a member of.  I'll post again closer to the auction date with instructions on how to participate- but mark your calendars!

FINALLY!  This is a non-arty update, but an awesome one.  My day job is helping to build a new non-profit that helps veterans gain employment through healing rescued horses.  Next month we're launching our first veteran retreat, and you can follow our progress on our instagram page, and on our facebook page.  To learn more about Equine Empowered Therapy click here.  Last weekend I even got my city-dedicated hubby to come up to the mountains with me to play with the horses, and he fell in love!  

As always, thanks for being a supporter of my stuffs.  I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for you all, so XOXOXOXOX to you!!  Have a wonderful day!!!