Oh my bunnies.... we are existing in a flailing shit show right now.  A depressing, fear-inducing, screaming and tantruming flaming flailing shit show.  And I can barely take it.  I get that chest-clutching anxiety every morning when I check the news- but I feel we all have an obligation to pay attention, so despite how it makes me feel, I continue to check the news.  And because I feel helpless, I need to make stuff that is going to go out into the world to try to keep our voices heard.  So here is the start of some new political tees and accessories that are going to be on my webstore.  The first of these is the Vagina Gang Sign me and the hubby came up with that we both are thoroughly entertained with.  If you aren't into tees, don't worry... embroidered patches are coming soon. 10% of all my political art, clothing and accessories is going to be going to donated to Planned Parenthood. 

So even if you aren't interested in my goodies (which is totally ok!), keep each other safe.  Support each other and our fight for equality and freedom over our lives, our bodies, who we love and who we need to be.  This fight needs every single one of us.  Stay strong, my darlings.  XOXOXOXOXO