Well, Hello there!!

Welcome to my little arty-farty site blog!  I've had blogs before on external sites (wordpress, etc), but I don't have time to keep up with all that anymore.  Whenever I post on here, I'll put a link to it on my Facebook FanPage... so if you aren't following me on there, hop to it! Yay!

First- I need to extend the BIGGEST THANK YOU for everyone who purchased KKF items and who donated to The Captain's medical fund.  Brad and I have been in tears of gratitude all week long at the outpouring of support for our little baby.  We have reached our goal that will cover his EXPENSIVE hospital stay/blood transfusions/ etc from last weekend, and will help with his mountains of medications and vet visits and tests (which right now are 3 times a week until he stabilizes).  For those who didn't catch the details of what happened, he has IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) that was brought on by an allergic reaction to his vaccines.  His immune system tried to destroy all his red blood cells.  If he survives the next 2 months, he'll have a fantastic chance of remission within 6 months to a year... but it's going to be a bumpy road.  And PLEASE don't take his reaction as a reason to not vaccinate your pets!!  IMHA is rare, and protecting your furbaby from things like Parvo and Rabies is VITAL! So please keep vaccinating your pets... but keep an eye on them for a few weeks after, and if they get sluggish take them to the vet immediately!  But a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all of you who sent healing thoughts, warm wishes, and donations from me, Brad, Sullivan, The Captain, Monkey, Simon, Sluggo and Lila.  All the human and 4 legged creatures in my house are thankful for all of you.  All orders will go out this weekend, and everyone who donated is going to get a little present in the mail. We love you!!


Now on to arty... there is a "sketchbook" auction coming up next weekend on the CopyCat Violence Facebook page.  Copycat Violence is the art collective I'm honored to be a member of, and we occasionally have group online auctions.  Later in the week I'll post on how to participate in that if you'd like.  It's fun, and there is always so much good original art available at a super affordable price

Happy Friday, and have perfect weekendy good times!!