February 9th, 2019: “Square Pegs”, 10 Year Anniversary Show, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ

April 6th, 2019: “Flora & Fetish”, Hudson Hughes Gallery

July 13th, 2019: “Tiny Terrors: The New Batch”, The Dark Art Emporium, Long Beach, CA

October 10, 2019: Guest speaker at the Art Directors Club of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK


February 24th, 2018: "Insecta", Group Show, Sally Centigrade Gallery, Denver, CO

April 6-7, 2018: Catsbury Park Cat Convention Art Show "Making Muffins" sponsored by Parlor Gallery; Historic Convention Hall, Asbury Park, Nj; Catsbury Park is a NJ based 501(c) non-profit corporation with the goal of helping as many kittens and cats find loving homes through various channels.  (AND LIL' BUB WILL BE THERE!)

April 5-8th, 2018: Copycat Violence Collective 4 Year Anniversary Auction

April 28th, 2018:  "An Ode to the Cherished", Hudson Hughes Gallery , Group Show

August 4, 2018: MF Gallery 15th Anniversary Show, MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

August 31, 2018: BBD's Grand Opening and in-house gallery exhibit, BBD's Palace Station, Las Vegas, NV

September 18, 2018:  "Apparitions", Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA


February 9th, 2017: "Revival", Group Show, Sally Centigrade Gallery, Denver, CO

April, 2017:  Featured Artist in UK's "Total Tattoo Magazine"; issue #151 April

April 18th, 2017: "Trump Won't Stop Us" National Exhibit, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn NY

May 2017: Prince Coloring Book published by Feral House; Various artists

June 9 - 11, 2017: "This Must Be The Place" Exhibit presented by Punk Rock Bowling & SP Projects; The Asbury Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ

June 24 - July 31: "Anything You Can Do" Group Show, Parlor Gallery. Asbury Park, NY

September 9, 2017: "Exhibit 3AM"; Hudson Hughes Gallery

November 18, 2017: "Little Things That May Have Strings"; Hudson Hughes Gallery

December 2, 2017: Trading Card Mini Art Show: Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


March 19th, 2016: "beMused", Group Show, Penumbra Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal

July 9th, 2016: "Tokens of Love", Group Show, www.copycatviolence.com

September 2, 2016: "The (Space Trip) Show", 50+ Artists inspired by 50 years of Star Trek; Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

September 2016:  David Bowie Coloring Book published by Feral House; Various artists

October 2016: Copy Cat Violence Artist Collective Coloring Book Vol. 1: Published by Illustrated Monthly


January 30, 2015: "In The Realm of Innocents", Group Show at Walker's Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, WI

January, 2015: "deVour Magazine": Issue 6 Featured Artist

March 7, 2015: "Girls of the Underground", Group Show, MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

June 20, 2015: "Ghost Stories", Group Show, Penumbra Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal

October 19, 2015: "In the Realm of Innocents", Group Show at Crossman Gallery, Whitewater, WI

November 14, 2015:  "Interiors"; Copycat Violence Group Show, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

November, 2015:  Album artwork for Leftover Crack's "Constructs of the State" album


March 1, 2014: "This is not a love song", Group Show at DAX Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA.

March 9 - 13, 2014: "JUDE AND BOBBIE FOREVER: Art inspired by the film Animals", Traveling group show to accompany the debut of the film "Animals" at SXSW.  Click HERE for dates/locations in Austin, TX. More locations to be announced.

July 19, 2014: "100 Postcards for Honeybees", Group show at Alexiera Gallery, Saint Louis, MO


June 7, 2013: "Speaking in Tongues", Group Show at the Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

June 7, 2013: "MF Gallery's 10 Anniversary Show Extravaganza" group show, MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

August 16th, 2013: Strychnin's 10th Anniversary Show, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany

September, 2013: Interview with Punknews.org- "Rad Women Who Make Rad Art".  Click HERE to read the interview.

November 29, 2013: "Grinding axes down to a nub",Solo Show, Invisible Hand Gallery in Lawrence, KS; After Dec 1 show will be moved to the Lawrence Arts Center, and curated by the Invisible Hand


February 10, 2012: "Les Animaux" Group Jewelry Show; Strychnin Gallery, Berlin Germany

March, 2012: Chapter dedicated to me in the fantastic book Rebel Moms by Davina Rhine

May 24. 2012: "Tokyo Love Show"- Group show presented by Keep A Breast Foundation and Strychnin Gallery; Space O at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo, Japan

June 6th, 2012:  Guild of The Black Eagle 5 Group Show curated by David Hochbaum at Fuse Gallery- NYC, NY.

September 15th, 2012: "We Find Our Way" Group show at the Parlor Gallery- Asbury Park, NJ

October 13th, 2012:  "Monstoberfest" Group show at Rothick Art Haus- Anaheim, CA


February 2nd, 2011: Hi-Fructose Magazine Preview-Review of "The Mad Potters Tea Party" Group show: View it HERE

February 4th, 2011: "The Mad Potters Tea Party" Group show, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin Germany

March 26th, 2011: Galerie T40 7th Anniversary Group Show, Gallery T40, Dusseldorf, Germany

March 28-30th, 2011: Guest artist at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater: Lecture on March 29th, Juror for Student Exhibit

June 3rd, 2011:  "Speaking in Tongues" Group Show; Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

October 8th, 2011: "Monstoberfest" Group Show; Rothick Art Haus, Anaheim, CA

October 28-November 1st: Art Fair 21/Bloom: Represented by Strychnin Gallery; Cologne, Germany

November 4th:  "Bodies of Waters"- Group show dedicated to the amazingness that is John Waters; Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

November 5th: "Spirit Board" Ouija Board Group show; Articulated Gallery (at Loved to Death), San Francisco, CA.

November 26-27: Artief Artfair; Hallezaal, Diest (Belgium)


January, 2010: Featured in "My Name Is?" issue #6 book; UK publication, but can be found online HERE

February 12, 2010: "7 Year Itch" Group Show, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin Germany

July 17, 2010: Matty No Times Art Benefit, Group Show, Yes Gallery, Brooklyn NY

October 28th-31st: Art Fair 21: Represented by Strychnin Gallery; Cologne, Germany


March 27, 2009: "Black Pop" Group Show; SICA Gallery, Long Branch, NJ

April, 2009: "Inked Magazine": Artist Feature

May 21-24, 2009: KunStart '09 Art Fair; Represented by Strychnin Gallery, Bozen, Italy

June 12, 2009: "MidSummer Night's Madness" Group Show, Strychinin Gallery, Berlin, Germany

June 26, 2009: "Plenty of Room on the Couch" Group Show, Eastern District Brooklyn, NY

October, 2009: Art Fair 21;  Represented by Strychnin Gallery; Cologne, Germany

November 14th, 2009: "Tragically Delicious": new works by myself and Angie Mason; Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ

Fall/Winter 2009 Issue: "Refused Magazine" artist feature.

Fall 2009:  Published in the beautiful book Max and the Siamese Twins


January 2008: "Punk Rock Confidential": Designer write up

March 7-9, 2008: "Fusion 5 Festival"- Cannes, France

March, 2008: "Dazed Magazine" Online Review- View it HERE!!

March, 2008: "Juxtapoz" Online Review of "Fusion 5 Festival" in Cannes- View it HERE!!

March, 2008:"WhiteHot Magazine of Contemporary Art" Online Review of "Fusion 5 Festival" in Cannes- View it HERE!!

March, 2008: "Hi-Fructose" Review of "Fusion 5 Festival" in Cannes, France- View it HERE!!

April 7, 2008: "Invasion" Group Show at Galerie T40- Dusseldorf, Germany

July, 2008: "B through Z" Online Interview- View it HERE!!

Summer 2008: "ArtXX Magazine" Interview- View it online HERE!!

September, 2008: "Z!NK Magazine "Review of Artists in Fusion 5 Festival

September, 2008: "100 Pieces of Madness", Solo show featuring 100 NEW PIECES, Strychnin Gallery- Berlin, Germany

November 7, 2008: Midwest Plushform Group Show at Shoparooni, Cleveland, Ohio (benefit for Toys For Tots)

October, 2008: Published in the BEAUTIFUL book "Gothic Art Now" by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (wa-hoooo!)

December 6, 2008: "Bedtime Stories" Group Show at The Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia


2007 Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish Tour Logo Designs

2007 Boy/Girl "Secret, Secret, Secret Singles": CD artwork

2007 "Bitchin Kitchen" Television Show Showcase (click the link to go to the website!)

January 5, 2007: Solo Show, Moksha Gallery & Boutique- Seattle, WA

February 9, 2007: "Dark Hearts & Broken Vows" Group Show, Strychnin Gallery- New York, NY

February 10, 2007: Group Show, MF Gallery- New York, NY

April 7, 2007: "Seven Brides Electrified" Group Show, Jail Gallery- Los Angeles, CA

June 15, 2007: Solo show, Strychnin Gallery- Berlin, Germany

September 29, 2007: Group Show, Crybaby Gallery- Asbury Park, NJ

October 11-14, 2007: Bridge Art Fair- Represented by Strychnin Gallery, London

October 13, 2007: CircusPunks Group Show- Orange, CA

October 26, 2007: Group Show, Strychnin Gallery- London

December 12, 2007: "XXX-Mas Party Ornament Show", Group Show, Strychnin Gallery- Berlin, Germany

December 14, 2007:"XXX-Mas Party Ornament Show", Group Show, Strychnin Gallery- London, England


2006 The Esoteric "Subverter": CD artwork

2006 Boy/Girl "Family Business": CD artwork

2006 FreeVerse "Arranging the Dead": CD artwork

2006 Limited Edition Patch Illustration for Blacknoise Recordings

2006 Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish Tour Logo Designs

February 10, 2006:All Women Group Show; OnSix Gallery- San Francisco, CA.

March 17, 2006: "Tachycardia"; Solo Show, STRYCHNIN Gallery- Berlin, Germany

April 14, 2006: Kirk Rundstrom Benefit Show/ Silent Art Auction; Uptown Theater- Kansas City, MO

April 22, 2006: "Deck"; Group Show, The Icehouse- Phoenix, AZ

May 31, 2006: "1"; Guild of the Black Eagle Group Show- New York, NY

June 2, 2006: Trunk Show- one night only, *Spool*- Kansas City, MO

July 8, 2006: Group Show, HQ Gallery- Montreal, Quebec

July 14-17, 2006: Strychnin Gallery Group Showcase, ART ATTACK- Berlin, Germany

August 4, 2006: Group Show with Steve Smith and Zefrey Throwell, The Hide Gallery- Santa Cruz, CA

August, 2006:"Alternative Press"; Designer Feature

September, 2006:"Juxtapoz"; Designer Feature

October 27 2006: Strychnin Gallery Halloween Group Show- New York, NY

October, 2006: Fuse Television Interview


2005 "Pistil" Magazine Illustration, August Issue

January 7, 2005: "Sacred Geometry"; Group Show, OnSix Gallery- San Francisco, CA.

March 31, 2005: "Superhero" Group Show, Hobb's- Lawrence, KS.

May 16, 2005:Lawrence Skateboard Association Benefit Group Show; Jackpot Saloon- Lawrence, KS.

July 2, 2005:"Jesus Loves Me, This I Know..."; Solo Show, Olive Gallery- Lawrence, KS.

August, 2005:"Pistil" Magazine; Chicago; Artist Feature

September, 2005:"AMP" Magazine; Artist Feature

October 1, 2005: Group Show, Night Gallery Ceramics- Santa Ana, CA.


2004 FreeVerse "Generator" :CD artwork

2004 FreeVerse t-shirt designs

2004 www.SilverfishGallery.com commission

April 2004: Perihelion Arts Gallery- Phoenix, AZ.

July 17, 2004: BLACK & WHITE GROUP SHOW, OnSix Gallery- San Francisco, CA.

August 27, 2004: "SUBMISSION"; Juxtapoz Group Show, OnSix Gallery- San Francisco, CA.

November 6, 2004: "Non Compos Mentis"; Group Show, BlueSpace- Hollywood, CA.

November 12, 2004: "LOLA (Ladies of Lawrence Artwork)"; Group Show, Babette- Lawrence,KS.

December, 2004: "NASH" Magazine; Ukraine; Featured Artist

2003 EC Star t-shirt design

2003 Freeverse "Inventing An Archetype" CD :COVER

2003 DJ Epidemic S/T CD :COVER

2003 Six Gun Radio S/T CD :COVER

2003 F-minus "Wake Up Screaming" CD :COVER/POSTER

2003 Punk Planet Illustration, March Issue

2003: "SKRATCH Magazine", May Cover

2003: "ANDREW W. K." Shirt design

March 2003: ARTS IN ACTION SPACE Group Show- Los Angeles,CA.

October 2003: Group Show, Mars Bar- Seattle, WA.

October 31, 2003: HALLOWEEN GROUP SHOW, Grimshaw Gallery- Lawrence,KS.

2002 F-minus t-shirt design

January 11th,2002: Inrnrg Gallery-San Diego,CA. (Prints and Paintings)

April,2002: Edition Feature- "Destroy All Monthly" Magazine (Interview)

May 11th,2002: Gallery Fight-Los Angeles,CA. (Prints and Paintings,Dolls)

June,2002: Edition Feature- "Destroy All Monthly" Magazine

2001 F-minus/Crackrock Steady Split LP/CD :BACK COVER